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Kunio RPG: New Legend of Downtown Nekketsu
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Game System
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Super basic battle system. Each character can learn up to 10 abilities and have 10 weapons to be found throughout the game. Each ability and each weapon have a unique battle animation. Abilities reflect each character's martial arts style and cost AP which will be measured in small amounts. Like Mario RPG.

Recruitment System
As you visit the various gangs and high schools throughout the game you'll have to prove yourself to many familiar faces. Not only will you get their respect, but they may even join the search in uncovering Kunio's framing. So far there are over 20 characters that can join. I'm working on a system that allows to switch out characters during battle, it's not going too well, but I'll keep at it.
There are many mini-games to discover. Once you find them, you can return home and play them there. There are betting games like Black Jack and Dice. Kiddie games like Jan-ken/Rock-Paper-Scissors and variations thereof. Extreme sports games including, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and motorcycle courses. Do well to earn a high score to get rare items and lots of cash!

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