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Kunio RPG: New Legend of Downtown Nekketsu
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Welcome back to Tykwondo's KunioRPG and Personal Artwork site!

Hey I'm actually updating!
Not that much though, as most of the work is done to the game itself.
Updates to the game:
  Reduced the number of characters, but will be better this way. I promise.
  Updated to RPG Maker 2003
  Finished Characters
  Only a few more character animations
  New battle animations (super sweet) thanks to RPG Maker 2003
  Story and System is different altogether
Updates to Art:
  Added Chun-Li pic

  Characters:   100%
  Animations:   90%
  Music:          100%
  Enemies:       10%
  Items:            20%
  Script:           5%
  Coding:         10%
Overall: 48%

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